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FrenchLex, a web portal dedicated to legal assistance between France and Italy.

FrenchLex service was born from the experience gained through years of activity conducted through the French Desk of our studio. Thanks to the consolidated experience in the international arena with particular regard to Italy – France relations, we have developed an internal division entirely dedicated to legal and extrajudicial assistance for French companies in Italy and for Italian companies that have commercial interests in France.

FrenchLex is an Italian-French law firm that operates through the Paris firm managed by the lawyer Aurora Visentin, registered in the Milan and Paris bar association, the Lyon office, the lawyer Luca Membretti, member of the Milan and Lyon bar association and the lawyer Enrico Piccione, registered in the Milan and Nice Bar association.

Discover Frenchlex

Managing team

Lawyer Luca Membretti

Barreau de Lyon - Milan Bar Association

Lawyer Aurora Visentin

Barreau de Paris - Milan Bar Association

Avvocato Enrico Piccione

Lawyer Enrico Piccione

Barreau de Nice - Milan Bar Association

  • Lawyer Jerome Culioli

  • Lawyer Jean-Michelle Raynaud

  • Dott. Elena Borsari