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During the annual meeting of our international network Concerto held in Lisbon on 5 May, MMSLEX Managing Partner Luca Membretti was elected President from the next two years. Congratulations and good work Luca!


“I am very pleased with this prestigious appointment by my esteemed colleagues at Concerto. Our law firm MMSLEX has always been attentive and dedicated to building solid, profitable and lasting international relationships with foreign law firms. MMSLEX believes in the value of unity in diversity, knowledge of the peculiarities and best practices that characterise the countries and law firms with which we deal. Only from an open and fruitful exchange can lasting growth for our ambitious Concerto network develop. And only through enhanced cooperation between countries can we succeed in providing the best legal assistance to our clients, whatever their nationality. Because as in a Concerto, it is the harmony between the concert performers that creates a wonderful symphony!”.

Avv. Luca Membretti