Att. Edoardo Fioramonte

  • Civil and commercial law
  • Business relations
  • Real estate law
  • White collar crimes
  • Milan Bar Association
  • Italian
  • English


Mr. Edoardo Fioramonte graduated in 2018 with honors, from the Università degli Studi di Milano, discussing a final thesis in economic criminal law.

During his university period, he collaborated with a leading law firm in Milan, mainly dealing with civil law, with a particular focus on contractual and non-contractual liability.

Once he graduated, Mr. Fioramonte has carried out, for the duration of eighteen months, an internship at the First Criminal Section of the Court of Milan, competent in the field of white collar crimes.

In the same period, Mr. Fioramonte, as well as carrying out his legal training, has participated in numerous specialization courses in criminal and corporate matters, organized by Scuola Superiore della Magistratura.

Since June 2018 he began collaborating with MMSLEX, focusing mainly on civil and commercial litigation, with particular reference to the liability of directors in companies, unfair competition and business crisis.

Mr. Fioramonte also provides legal assistance in relation to contractual and non-contractual liability, credit recovery, enforcement actions and in out-of-court matters, in favor of companies of all sizes, both Italian and international, as well as natural persons.

Edoardo Fioramonte obtained his professional qualification from the Court of Appeal of Milan, in the 2021 exam session.