Dott. Edoardo Fioramonte

  • Civil and commercial law
  • Real estate law
  • Business relations
  • Bankruptcy crimes
  • Corporate offenses
  • Tax offenses
  • Milan Bar Association
  • Italina
  • English


Edoardo Fioramonte graduated in law in 2018, with honours, from the Università degli Studi di Milano, discussing a final thesis in economic criminal law entitled “Corporate crime as an intentional transaction or causation of bankruptcy. Systematic aporias in the repression of bankruptcy” (thesis subsequently published by the journal “Giurisprudenza Penale”); supervisor Prof. Carlo Benussi.

During his university period, he collaborated with the law firm of Avvocato Benussi, in Milan, dealing with civil law, with a particular focus on contractual liability issues.

Since April 2018, Edoardo Fioramonte carried out, for eighteen months period, the internship pursuant to art. 73 d.l. 69/2013, at the Judge of the trial of the First Criminal Section of the Court of Milan, where he was able to take part in highly complex processes, including of national interest, relating to offenses committed in corporate, bankruptcy and tax fields.

Since June of the same year he has begun working in MMSLEX, dedicating himself both to civil and commercial litigation, and to out-of-court assistance in favor of a wide range of economic operators.

As regards the training activity, he has participated in numerous training courses in criminal and corporate matters organized by Scuola Superiore della Magistratura and, since January 2021, he has attended the two-years course of technique and ethics of the criminal lawyer for the qualification of public defender, organized by the Criminal Chamber of Milan.