Dott.ssa Laura Gioini

  • Secretarial coordination and support teams
  • Client and supplier accounting 
  • Organisation of events and seminars, reception, technical supervision
  • Italian
  • French


Laura Gioini, is an assistant specialised in the legal field, with over 25 years of experience gained at a major law firm in Milan.

Since 2019 she has joined the staff of MMSLEX, with the role of Office Manager. 

She coordinates all secretarial activities, material procurement, supplier management, technical assistance, administrative and accounting relationship management of the entire law firm structure.

She supports the management in the planning of daily activities of the legal department, supports Legal Teams by facilitating internal process procedures, manages client and supplier invoicing, deadlines, payments and reminders; client reception, organisation of the firm’s meeting room and institutional events.

On a day-to-day basis, she is responsible for coordinating secretarial activities, bookkeeping, sorting correspondence, booking business trips and travel arrangements. 

After graduating from high school and obtaining a regional master’s degree as a management software designer, she consolidated her experience through her first duties as a secretary in a law firm, dealing with sorting, writing deeds and documents to be filed before Court of Milan for civil litigation, family law, minors, inheritance, debt collection; compiling models of minutes, role registrations and Istat forms; organising paper and electronic archives; accounting: invoicing clients and suppliers. handling telephone calls; welcoming clients; organising meeting rooms; managing the firm’s agenda and deadlines; sorting incoming and outgoing correspondence; drafting letters and documents.

Her long work experience in the legal field has enhanced and developed her skills in work organisation, priority and urgency management, as well as the establishment of trustworthy interpersonal relationships with the firm’s professionals, clients and suppliers, with a natural predisposition towards human relationships of empathy and willingness to listen and mediate.